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Here is what is New at JMR Pintos!

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October 2, 2017

Successful Westfalen NA Inspection at Dreamscape Farm !

Designs on Delta went Premium and won Site Champion Filly


Liam went Premium  and was Site Champion Colt


Diamond Querida went Premium



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April 15, 2017

Twiggy (Sanskrit) decided to foal at 10:50 AM today (April 15 2017)...after keeping me up all night.
No tobiano coloring, but the rest of this filly is pretty lovely! 
Two white hind socks, star and a cute snipe on her nose. 
She has her momma's big floppy ears..LOL
Twig is a super first time Mum. Poppa is Dreamscape Farms Diamond Stud.
This filly has two speeds...canter around the stall or sleep flat out!

Pictured here she is at about 4 hours old.


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April 11, 2017

Welcome to the world beautiful boy! Born at 1:28AM April 11. Up and nursing quickly. No name yet.
sire is Dreamscape Farms Lestat and dam is Spring SIlk(Sempatico M)

2017 Spring colt

Silhouette (Sempatico M x Blue Blood x Domino) decided she could not allow Spring to get all the attention...
so at 8:30 pm April 11. She gave us a black and white filly. up and nursing with in 1/2 an hour.
Sired by Dreamscape Farms Delta Force.

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February 12, 2017

Congratulations to Cindy Weber on the purchase of SIlhouette (Sempatico M xBlue Blood x Domino)!
Silla will be staying with me till Sept 2017 as I have retained her Delta Force foal and she cannot
leave till baby is Inspected and weaned!
As well Cindy plans on breeding Silla to Diamond Stud for a 2018 tobiano foal!


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September 18, 2016

Well we made it to and from the RPSI inspection successfully. Heavy monsoon rain forced the move to a location with indoor arena....and delayed the Inspectors.
Unfortunately the indoor was very pics are limited.

Photo by Maneframe

But in the end the whole thing was very worth the effort.
BOTH mares went Mare Book 1. 


Silhouette is in foal to Delta Force and Sanskrit(aka Twiggy) to Diamond Hit for April 2017.

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June 5 2016

Silhouette's Agouti test came back.. aa.. so no Agouti gene... She is a TRUE black and white!!!

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May 24 2016

So folks…I have three, yes three mares confirmed in foal first try. Huge thanks to my Vet Dr. Kerstin Schwichtenberg, and to Jennifer and Armin Arnoldt of Dreamscape Farm! Not to mention the Papa's...Delta Force, Lestat, and Diamond Stud.

In order of due date:

All ‘due’ early April 2017.

Silhouette [Sempatico M x Blue Blood x Domino) to Delta Force (Diarado x Cassini I x Lantaan)

Sila is a black and white tobiano ( homozygous) ….so for is guaranteed tobiano and I believe we will get a black and white foal.

Just waiting on her DNA results for the Agouti, we already know she is EE and homozygous for the tobiano gene. Delta Force is EE.


2nd up is Spring Silk (Sempatico M x Jennys Turn) is in foal to the Oldenberg GOV stallion Lestat (Lordanos x Concetto x Silvio I)

Spring is homozygous for Tobiano as well (guarenteed tobiano foal) and EE Aa and will have a bay and white, or black and white foal.


Last but not least is Sanskrit(aka Twiggy) [ Sempatico M x Weltbekannt x Wertherson] in foal to Diamond Stud (Diamond Hit x Lavarino x Rohdiamant)

Diamond Stud is (EE) and Sanskrit is  Ee Aa heterozygous for the Tobiano gene and bay and white;  so foal has a 50% chance of being pinto and will be either bay or black regardless of being Tobiano or not.  (No possibility of chestnut)


Once we do heart beat scans around June 2nd foals will be for sale inutero please inquire about terms and prices. Happy to discuss options!

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September 21 2015

At Dreamscape Farm Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International Inspection. Sept 21, 2015

Bon Bella received Gold Premium and Site Champion Filly


Sanskrit , 2yr old filly is now registrated with RPSI and received very nice comments from the RPSI Inspector Otto Schalter.

He was especially pleased with her size, substance and her mother line’s pedigree!


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September 14 2015

Lily has found herself her own human that will love and raise her and we wish the both well.


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May 24 2015

Spring Silk decided to bless us with her Bon Balou foal. Atall Black and White Tobiano filly born Sunday May 24th 2013 at 8:35 PM. Mamma Spring and filly are doing fine!

Filly is tall and very energetic, up and found the milk bar very quickly. And no she doesn't have a name yet....working on that part!

2015 filly

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Sept 17 2014

Sanskrit arrived!!!


By Sempatico M out of the Hanoverian mare Wrain D (Weltbekannt x Wertherson)
She has finally learned to eat grain after 3 days of being here. Now she loves our Canadian oats...<smile>
My husband nicknamed her Twiggy as she has the longest legs and is a bit bony! LOL 
She had a long haul from Virginia USA to Chilliwack BC Canada but seems to be settling in well.

We look forward to presenting her to RPSI next Sept, and breeding her the year after that.

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Sept 13 2014


Tiki was Gold Premium and Site Champion Filly!

Bon Batik sired by Bon Balou Dam Spring Silk(Sempatico M).

Bon Batik was named Gold Premium and Site Champion Filly at her RPSI inspection.

This filly received very good comments on her big elastic movement, correctness of conformation, and typey face.
With many thanks to our wonderful host.
Taken RPSI inspection Saturday September 13th

Thank You Dreamscape Farms

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Aug 21 2014

We have just purchased a lovely new filly to come and join the broodmare band, after she gets older .. haha!
We are excited to get to see Sanskrit but she has a long trailer ride first. Photo's will come once she arrives.


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July 14 2014

With a heavy heart, many tears and 5 great years. The heavens have taken my Emma (Simplicity) away!
Emma was a joy to be with, a mare that showed her payful character from the day she was foaled.

Simplicity (Emma)

June 7th 2009 - July 14th 2014


When the sun hides it's face from us, and the night comes.
You see stars appear in the navy blue night.

...These are not your ordinary stars.
They are the stars in the eyes of horses old and young
that have gone from earth to a better place.

So if you have ever lost a horse, always remember,
...every night when the night falls over the sky and the stars come out,
Their Eyes are watching over you.

They watch the foals come into the world,
and they watch over their owners who loved them so. 
When you miss the horses that have left you ,
look into the sky and remember them; 

Because they are watching over you .....

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May 25 2014

Tall Bay and White Tobiano filly born Saturday May 25th 2013 at 7:03AM. Mamma Spring and filly are doing fine!

it's a filly

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Oct 10 2013

On Sept 17 2013 Bon Ami, aka Cian is now inspected and branded with RPSI.

He scored 7.8 for both conformation and movement. High Silver Premium.

The Inspector did comment that he was "an excellent sport prospect"

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May 2 2013

Emma gave foal to a wonderful solid black colt...three white and snipe...pretty pretty head.


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April 27 2013

Tall Bay and White Tobiano colt born Saturday April 27th 2013 at 10:15AM. Mamma Spring and son are doing fine!


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February 24 2013

Faberge has been sold and is off to her new home in Colorado USA


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July 24 2012

Faberge Farah approved for breeding with CSHA and scanned in foal to Banderas for a mid June Foal


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July 23 2012

CSHA Mare inspection

Simplicity approved for breeding with CSHA

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June 14 2012

Emma (Simplicity) is confirmed in foal to Freestyle & the foal due late April or early May 2013

Freestyle & Emma

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June 10 2012

Spring is confirmed in foal to Bon Balou & the foal due late April 2013

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May 19 2012

Spring Silk was bred to Bon Balou(who stands at Dreamscape Farm ) for the spring foal in 2013

{Spots Guaranteed}

Bon Balou-x-Spring

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February 7 2012

Faberge sadly scanned not in foal, so we will be breeding her for a 2013 foal...
Stay tuned on which stallion we decide on.

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January 28 2012

Welcome to Faberge Farah, out new broodmare.


She is by Fuhler I (Samber x African Drum xChanteur II) and out of Windigo (Windukind xFalko x Koree) Faberge is 9 years old, and has had two previous foals. She will be presented to CSHA for breeding approval summer of 2012, and to RPSI for breeding approvals in September 2012)


Fuhler - Sire  

Sire Fuhler I (Semper) is still competing at age of 20

Windigo - Dam

Her lovely dam Windigo (Widukind ) pictured above


Currently she is in foal to Skeptic (Spectrum x State of the Art xArt Deco)

Foal is for sale ....75% chance of tobiano)**


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January 28 2012

Spring Silk was booked to be bred to Sir Gregory (who stands at Dreamscape Farm )for the spring of 2013,
but this was not to be . {Maybe in 2013}

Spots Guaranteed


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December 4 2011

Simplicity is booked to be bred to Freestyle (who stands at Dreamscape Farm )for the spring of 2012, and we are still debating on who to breed Spring to. Stay tuned for that announcement. {Smile}


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Sept 27 2011

Both Eve and Sage left to their new owners. Both wonderful Jenny foals and part of her legacy.


Congratulations Erin on your purchase os Sage, we look forward to your adventures together

Evensong is off to Texas and Arlene, a return client and a new future for both.


Congratulations and stay in touch

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Sept 1 2011


Samuel has been sold and we wish Abi many Congratulations
and we will be looking for you in the show ring

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July 26 2011


"Steven O'Reilly did very well in a 3 star dressage show July 16 - 17.
Under Judge "Carol Hoffman" he placed 1st and 2nd in First level test 2 and test 3.

Thank you Carolyn for the update


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June 16 2011


Fairy Bridge...barn name Anna... is currently showing in jumpers and being enjoyed by her owner Aleks.   Anna is getting in the ribbons at her first show in 2011. We are happy to hear such positive news of a young mare we bred and raised! Look forward to more successes!

Fairy Bridge

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June 11 2011


Evensong III is sold to Texas and will  be traveling south once her 2011 foal is weaned in the fall. Buyer is a repeat customer..we appreciate her trust in us!.

Congratulations Arlene, may you have great fun riding Eve


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May 15 2011

Welcome to our new chestnut colt out of Evensong, our CSHA mare, and by Banderas.

After many nights of checking on Eve and the belly that could have carried twins... May 11 2011 @ 02:10 am, yes that is correct AM! But where were the spots, lovely white socks on the back legs and a lovely blaze ... But!!! Wait on the belly near the flank a single white spot.

This stunning colt has the bloodlines to be a wonderful jumper..

Is for sale, please inquire



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Jennys Turn - November 19th 2010

In honor of my Jen mare who crossed the Rainbow Bridge  November 19, 2010 I wanted to track her offspring. Anyone who has one out of Jennys Turn that I haven't spoken of, please drop me an email. There are 13 altogether over her breeding career.  Jen had 2 foals prior to my purchasing her, so they may still be in Alberta, then later  had two foals for a gal here at the coast while I was doing my Masters Degree. Don't know where they are unfortunately.  Ones I know the names of that I have not listed are "Walk About Mi" sold to Alberta, and "Diva in Diamonds" sold to California, I do not know who has them now.
These are the four Jenny's Turn kids who have been making their humans happy that I have kept tabs on. !
 I have four at home, Samuel and Sage both by Sagnol(Sandro Hit xLandadel x Landgraf I) who are for sale (see the Sale & Offspring Page) and Spring Silk by Sempatico (Semper x Ico x Marco Polo) who is going to stay with me and raise babies when she is mature enough...and Evensong who is currently in foal to Banderas...foal will be for sale.

Steven Orielly
Steven O'Reilly
aka Reilly Skeptic(Spectrum x State of the Art x Art Deco) x Jennys Turn.  Lives in Nevada, USA and is showing dressage. Was Training Level Champion at his 2nd life time show in the fall of 2010.


Sojourn aka 'Thyme" Sopran( Sergej xDuftII x Senator) x Jennys Turn ...lives in Texas USA Has had her first foal after a dressage career. Not sure what level she showed with her current owner, perhaps Medium ?, as she showed in a double bridle.


aka Halee  Florian(Tangelo x Monarch x Hugo)xJennys Turn lives in BC with her human having fun...has had one foal and currently back in foal to Pilox (Pilot x Angriff x Argwekn)for 2011 who stands at Dreamscape Farms in Langley BC


Evensong III aka Eve Tricolore (Voltaire x Samber x Pericles) x Jennys Turn Now lives with me. Has had one foal and currently in foal for May 2011 to Banderas (Balou du Rouet x Grannus xBeach Boy) who also stands at Dreamscape Farms.

Foal is for sale.


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November 19, 2010

Our beloved Jennys Turn mare crossed the Rainbow Bridge Friday November 19th 2010

She left behind a legacy of wonderful foals...all pintos. Her last one, a filly went Gold Premium with RPSI, a testament to her quality. I was blessed to have her in my life for many years. Jen understood English, was always fair with the other horses, and the very best broodmare that ever walked the planet!

God speed my wonderful momma mare....may you run free, happy and pain free.

Miss you so very much.

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September 16, 2010

Sage scored Gold Premium at her Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International inspection on Sept 14, 2010. She truly strutted her stuff in the ring with comments about "excellent use of her hind leg, and long well set on neck"

More pictures to follow when the photographer has them available.



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Check back soon for Updates and new News!


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