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Dreamscape Farms

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.Rocky Montain ShowJumping objective: to bring international equine knowledge to the
community, and increase the level of the sport by providing horses & training of a higher quality,
as well as provide Show Jumping events for riders of all levels to tune their skills.

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Warm Colours Sporthorses

Pinto warmblood and Sporthorse breeder in Telkwa, BC. Standing pinto warmblood stallion Sonnata and pinto sporthorse stallion Chickashaw Chief. Salehorses available.


Fuhler I (KWPN) Samber (KWPN) Pericles xx
Tina D (KWPN)
Nova I African Drum xx
Solstice (CW) Arkansas (Han) Aderlass (Han)
Nona (Han)
Native Thrill xx Cohoes Native xx
Esta Noche xx


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Our phone number is: (604) 823-2121
Our e-mail address is:

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