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We are a small family owned operation and have been breeding, raising, and rescuing Pinto's for 20 plus years. We are located in Southern BC, Canada, less then an hour drive from the US border and an hour and a half from Vancouver International Airport.

Our focus is on the Tobiano Pinto Sporthorse suitable for the Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Eventing disciplines.

We breed and raise a small number of foals each year as well as the occasional youngster purchased elsewhere. Because all our horses get individual care and handling we keep our program focused on "Quality and not Quantity" Our mares and youngsters are on a regular trimming, worming, and vaccination schedule. As well, they are handled daily and become very "people" oriented.

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We focus our breeding program on producing big colored elegant foals with willing temperaments and free lofty movement. We strive for colored foals but even the ones with "plain wrapping" are wonderful athletes! Our belief is temperament is the first priority as most of the horses we raise become amateur or junior horses and need to be "Lovers" not "Fighters." Weather permitting they live out on grass fields and are stabled at night during the winter or on very wet days during the rest of the year.

We choose not to stand our own stallion so we can select from the very best of well breed stallions around North America for our mares. Most of the time our young horses sell by the time they are two years old, please enquire early! And very occasionally we have a homozygous youngster for sale.

If we do not have a Pinto to suit your needs we will help you locate one! The fee for this is 10% of the purchase price of the horse and all transactions are negotiated before we agree to help you in your search.

Please call or e-mail us ......
we love to "Talk Pinto"!!!
John, Martha and Rachel Drennan

Our phone number is: (604) 823-2121
Our e-mail address is:

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When I saw Evensong's picture, I fell in love with her and yet never thought that she would be mine.
Martha was very informative and prompt in response to my many questions and the care and openness was very refreshing. The whole experience of purchasing Eve has enriched my life beyond any words I could conjure up to express it. I will and do recommend Martha to any person that is looking to buy a quality colored sport horse.
Catharina & Evensong


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